Marriage Is A Victory!

It's easy to have a wedding. Having a marriage is hard!
It’s Official!

You guys, I love this picture.

I went to a wedding this weekend. I love weddings. Everyone loves weddings, I guess. So full of hope and promise and love and excitement.

This wedding was no different, and My Love and I were honored to see this young man, who has been part of our village since he was just a kid, open his heart and knit his soul to this beautiful woman God gifted to him. What a blessing.

But what I love about this picture isn’t the love or the joy. It’s the victory. The Victory!

This picture says, “We did it! We won!”

Isn’t that what a wedding is? A victory over loneliness, over desperation, over selfishness and our own agendas?

This, Friends, is how I feel at Every.Single.Anniversary.

Marriage is wonderful. This relationship, this friendship, this partnership, can bring you more joy than any other on earth. But it’s hard, you guys. The giving of oneself, the bearing of one’s soul, the giving and forgiving, the trust, the faith, the love. It’s hard. It’s hard because God uses marriage to mold us into His image, to make each of us more like Christ.

But it’s so, so worth it. The joy found when two people unite to accomplish Big Dreams is not found in any other place. What an incredible gift from God to be fully known and yet fully loved, not just by Him, but also by a soulmate. Thank you, Jesus.

Congratulations, Derek and Rachael. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for your precious family.

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