How To Stay Focused: Look The Way You Want to Go

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So, here’s the thing. Our family loves animals. Mostly, we are horse people – the way they look, feel, smell, their personalities, their strength, their beauty, the whole package.

Each of my kids have had their hineys on a horse before they hit 12 months old. My adopted kids, within a month of being in our home. It’s just part of our family culture. There’s something about these magnificent creatures that simply draws our souls. 

Have you ever thought about the fact that it is absolutely amazing that a 1,500-pound animal allows itself to be guided by puny humans? (Guided, not controlled. Even animals resist being controlled.)

There is a rule in horsemanship, in guiding the animal, that if you will just look the way you want to go, the horse will naturally go that way and you will reach your destination together.

Did you hear that?


The Way.

You Want.

To Go!

Wow. How is it that, after all these years, I have never connected how this is true for all of us?

We have the power, the ability, the stamina to achieve any goal we set. Of course we do! But we must LOOK the WAY we WANT to GO. If we turn our focus aside, we will most certainly head that direction instead, wasting precious time and energy, and likely resulting in our own frustration.

How many times do we decide the goal, the dream, is too far out of reach, then step to the side, settling for a halfway or an almost or a someday? How many times do we feel incompetent, ill-equipped, unready to achieve our goals?

But here’s the thing.

Maybe you ARE incompetent, ill-equipped, unready to achieve the goal. Maybe you’re scared and uncertain and wounded from past failures.

Why should that matter?

Look the way you want to go.

Make the decision to go after it. Hard. Because, when you put in the hard work, the research, the time, the hustle? You’re looking the way you want to go. And you’re moving towards that goal, step by step.

I know, it can be scary to step into the unknown. That’s okay. 

Do it anyway. 

You will learn all you need to know, you will develop your skills, and you will reach that goal if you Just. Get. Moving. in the direction of your dreams. Look the way you want to go!

Life is too short for timidity. If you’re going to go out and achieve that big, hairy, audacious goal, you’re going to have to charge the hill. Are you ready?

Yes, it will take focus. But your focus is always set on something.

Yes, it will take work. But you can work hard. 

Yes, it will take time. But the time will pass anyway

Focus. Discipline. Grit. Hustle.

Look. The Way. You Want. To Go.

Of course you can!!!

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” —Earl Nightingale

<3 Julie

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